CIPD Jersey – Restrictive Covenants

This training session is aimed at HR professionals who may encounter restrictive covenants in their day to day practice. At the outset of employment restrictive covenants set the parameters for an incoming employee in relation to how they are expected to treat employer confidential information.

An employee who plans to leave their employer should understand clearly what they can and cannot do post-employment. After employment has ended, the employer may use such provisions to prevent the former employee from damaging the business. All too often though, employers have either poorly drafted (and therefore ineffective restrictive covenants) or no contractual restrictions at all.

This session will look at the fundamentals of drafting restrictive covenants and provide guidelines on how they may be used effectively to protect a business.

Key issues covered:

– The limited protection employers have in the absence of written contractual restrictions

– The types of information than an employer can seek to protect

– The key information required in order to draft effective provisions and understand why restrictions can fail in the absence of proper instruction

– The importance of drafting contractual restrictions tailored to your particular business

– The technicalities of how the parties enter into contractual restrictions at the outset of employment or during employment

– The interrelation of contractual restrictions with other elements of employment, including notice requirements and garden leave provisions

– The options available in relation to the enforcement of restrictive covenants

Costs are £15 for CIPD members and £20 for non members.

Partner Wendy Lambert and Scottish Solicitor Chris Hendry will be presenting.

Sandwiches and refreshments will be available.


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