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Business Sales and Purchases

Whether you are buying or selling a business or looking to merge with another organisation to strengthen your offering and market position, our team is ready to help you successfully conclude your transaction and make an easy transition into the next phase of your professional life.

If you are selling a business we will start by making sure your business is a truly eye-catching and marketable proposition to maximise its value.  We’ll also make sure you are fully prepared to proceed through the due diligence process once you attract a buyer.

Once a deal has been struck, we will work in alongside your accountants to make sure you are set up in the most tax efficient way when the proceeds of your sale come through.

Throughout the process we will remain on hand, ready to provide whatever guidance is required to make sure your sale is a success. 

We’ll also make sure you are not distracted from managing your business so that it retains its full value in the  unlikely event the sale doesn’t complete.

If you are buying or merging with another business we will, first and foremost, make sure you know exactly what it is you’re buying.

Alongside your accountants and other advisers, we will perform thorough due diligence on your target.  We will then make sure all of the appropriate warranties are included in your purchase agreement so you are protected against any elements you either couldn’t fully investigate or are causing you concern.

However, our involvement doesn’t end once the ink dries on your contract.

Following completion we will continue to work closely with you to help you decide upon and implement the best legal structure for your new business and formalise the ownership, shareholding and management arrangements so that it is in the right shape to achieve your commercial goals.

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