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Family Law

“Very proactive and commercial.” – Legal 500 2020

Our highly experienced Family Law Department prides itself on providing a balanced, collaborative and reassuring service designed specifically to help you resolve any issues regarding your family. At the start of your married life we can help you draft a pre-nuptial agreement that will formalise the division and ownership of your assets to protect both parties in the event your marriage falters in the future.

We are also here to help if your relationship has met with difficult times.

First and foremost we are here for you. We know any issue involving you, your partner or your children will be highly charged and very emotional. This is why we strive not only to support you personally but also to do everything we can to settle things in the most amicable and conciliatory way.

Our first step is just to talk. Before we do anything we need to understand everything about you, your situation and the outcome you want to reach. Once we have that understanding we can suggest the best route for you to take which could be Collaborative Law, mediation or a traditional court based solution.

While our preference would always be to follow a collaborative approach (sitting round a table to discuss and deliver the most workable and mutually beneficial solution), if court action is necessary you can rest assured we possess all of the tenacity and expertise you’ll need to achieve the best possible outcome.

Should there be no option other than to issue court proceedings we will move quickly so that your distress and the disruption to your life and your children are cut to the absolute minimum.

The areas we can help you resolve include:

  • Relationship breakdown
  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial settlements
  • Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial agreements
  • Issues around the residence of, contact with and parental responsibility for your children
  • Adoption and surrogacy
  • The threat to remove children from Jersey
  • The formation or dissolution of Civil Partnerships
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