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Trust Litigation

Jersey is a world-leading jurisdiction when it comes to the formation and administration of trusts and for the resolution of disputes concerning trusts.  This reputation is built on a foundation of excellent trust professionals, highly respected judges, and specialist lawyers.

BCR Law has the experience and expertise to provide specialist advice to all those concerned with the formation and administration of trusts, be they settlors, trustees, beneficiaries, protectors or others.  BCR Law are able to assist with non-contentious applications to Court, whether for directions, the blessing of decisions, the retirement and appointment of trustees, the rectification of mistakes, or the blessing of decisions.

Unfortunately, sometimes disputes arise.  If they do, those involved can draw significant comfort from the fact that the Island has highly respected judges, experienced in dealing with trust disputes.  BCR Law has a team of experienced litigators with expertise in managing significant trust disputes and the preparation and presentation of cases before the Court.  BCR Law are able to guide parties to a dispute through the litigation process, including the investigation of complaints and claims, alternative dispute resolution, and, if necessary, trial.

Often, in such disputes, Jersey is but one of a number of jurisdictions involved.  BCR Law is highly experienced at working together with firms from other jurisdictions as part of a team in complex, multi-jurisdictional proceedings.  We can assist with issuing proceedings or making applications in support of foreign proceedings, including an applications for injunctive relief, and with advice and representation in relation to questions of jurisdiction and forum.

Whatever your connection to a trust, BCR Law can assist

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