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CSR update

10 April 2018

BCR Law wins at Liberate Equality and Diversity Awards

19 March 2018


Are your Employment Policies and Staff Handbook up to Date?

28 February 2018

Comity: Trusts, Firewalls and Offshore Enforcement

26th April 2018

We are recruiting a Commercial Litigation Lawyer

12 February 2018

“Is There Any Trust In a Divorce?”

29 January 2018

Bright.  Commercial.  Responsive.

If you are looking for bright, commercial, responsive lawyers, you’ve found us.

 We provide bright, commercial, responsive lawyers every time and across every one of our practice areas.

Whether the legal advice you need is for you, your family or your business, our experienced partnership – supported by a large and equally experienced team of Advocates, Legal Assistants and support staff – are here for you, ready to apply their particular expertise to get you to where you want to be.

Whatever your question, whatever issue you’d like to resolve, our team will find the best solution and provide all of the support you need to get there successfully.

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